Cigarette case with an ashtray.

Cigarette case with an ashtray.

Cigarette case with an ashtray.

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We know, we can’t discourage smokers from smoking, but we have a solution how to clean your city and nature from cigarette litter. It is a cigarette case with an ashtray.

Cigarette case

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Proven facts
According to some verified studies, around 4.5 trillion cigarette butts end up in the environment every year. They can take considerable time to degrade. For example; it takes up to 15 years for the cigarette butts to decompose in the see. In addition, they contain chemicals that are toxic to many species of fish and other aquatic organisms.
Hard reality
According to some estimates, annual consumption of cigarettes is about 5.6 trillion. This equals more than 766 tons of cigarettes butts discarded on the pavements.
Everyday story
Cigarette butts are commonly discarded on the ground at bus stops. And how is the most common response of those who do so? “My bus is just coming. If I had to go to the bin I would miss it.”
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Are you interested in the survey result focused on smoking and smokers? Here are some findings. According to the Eurobarometer survey, there are 2.300.000 million smokers in the Czech Republic. Excise duty on cigarettes in the Czech Republic reaches 44.986 million Czech crowns, which is a very high amount. There are a considerable number of smokers in CZ. This illustrates the fact that the annual cigarette consumption in CZ is around 21 milliard. The number of cigarette butts that pollute our environment arises daily by 57.7 million. If there is no waste bin around, the cigarette butt unfortunately ends on the ground. Currently, there are restrictions on smoking in enclosed public areas (restaurants, libraries, waiting rooms, bus stops…); however, there is still a large part of the population that disagrees with that. Due to the smoking ban, more smokers smoke in open public spaces such as squares, streets, parks and others.

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‘Stop butts’ project started with the aim to clean our cities and countryside from cigarette litter. We want to achieve this by using a simple cigarette case, which has a built-in ashtray for cigarette butts. This sophisticated box also has an additional advantage for the smoker – it protects cigarettes from creasing and getting wet.

The actual use in practise is simple. A smoker inserts his cigarette pack into a cigarette case, then, after smoking a cigarette instead of throwing the cigarette butt onto the ground he can easily insert it into the built-in ashtray.

The cigarette case is designed in such a way that even when a lit cigarette butt is put in there is no odour nor the case will ignite.

Currently, we offer the cigarette cases for individual purchase where buyers can contact us via the contact form. We also produce advertisement in form of gifts for companies, employers and business partners. Finally, we also supply cigarette ashtray cases to selected tobacco chains.

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Among our partners there are many restaurants which offer areas for smokers as well as for non-smokers. The issue of smoking is important for us all.


Among our partners, in the section of Business Companies, there are many firms and businesspeople who are interested not only in cleanliness in towns but also in the nature without cigarette butts.


Authorities of the Czech Republic, such as the central authority of the state, ministries, funds and the territory of the State authorities are among our partners in State Organizations.

We have carried out our own research of an opinion poll and 200 people were addressed. Out of these 200 people, 66 were smokers and 134 were non-smokers and all have totally agreed – they do mind cigarette butts thrown all over the ground. The statistics also show that 91 % of smokers do mind cigarette butts on the ground. That is one of the reasons why we are here, our product, a cigarette case with an ashtray.

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